Sunday, 10 November 2013

The story of an American Horror - Not For The Faint Hearted!

It was by accident that we stumbled across this programme, it wasn't my usual cup of tea but even from the first episode I was hooked.Now we are watching Season 3,The Coven.

The surprising fact behind this psychotic series is it was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk....remember Glee?

 I always like to have a series to watch in the evening once the O.Y.O has gone to 
bed,this winter it is going to be American Horror Story The Coven.

The first season was in my opinion the best,it is focused around a dysfunctional family who end up buying a haunted house.

I really enjoy the love stories in the American Horror franchise,this season revolves around teenage lust and the meaning of love.

This programme isn't for the faint hearted,I have spent many a time hiding behind a cushion because I'm so scared,the producers spare no details when it comes to the gruesome scenes.

At the end of each episode you are left wanting to watch more,it's very addictive!

The second season is by far the most gruesome and sadistic,I can't say I enjoyed it that much,but like I mentioned above it is very addictive to watch.

It is set in a Asylum called Briarcliff which is run by nuns,it is home to various residents who have commited crimes from adultery to murder.

On first glance you would side with the doctors,nurses and nuns but by mid way through you will be running for the hills,cheering the mental patients on.

The producers cleverly play with your mind,turning reality on its axel. 

The series cover every taboo subject under the sun, from paranormal to aliens, sociopaths to incest.

"Don't be afraid of the unknown,be afraid of what you already know"

I have only seen four episodes of the current season,but I already love it. Thus season focuses less on gruesome horror and more on the story between the characters.

In my opinion there is a big difference between a good actress/actor and someone's who plays the character brilliantly.

My favourite actress is Lily Rabe ,in each seasons she can change her whole demeanor to suit the role she is given.The first season she was a haunted mother,the second a nun who is controlled by the devil and the third a witch.

Each role is as convincing as the last,she is constantly in character and never once slips into an older characters attitude.Through the seasons she has had to change her accent,attitude and the way she holds herself,but she has never changed her appearance apart from the costumes she wears - to be able to captivate the audience as a new character so convincingly but not actually change much about her appearance is an achievement in itself.

Alternatively my favourite character is Fiona,the actresses actual name is Jessica Lang,what makes her my favourite character rather than my favourite actress is the fact each role she plays is exactly the same. The name may change,the direction and setting but her whole demeanor remains the same.

Unlike Lily Rabe her voice,style and attitude remains the same: she plays a character you initially believe to be a "baddie" ,who inevitably becomes a confused "goodie".

Now there is nothing wrong with the each character she plays,each one is believable and passionate,she carries the show at a swift pace with a touch of old school glamour. For me she makes the show,if she wasn't in the next seasons (if there is another season) I would be extremely disappointed.

There is many characters and actors I haven't even touched upon,but tonight I think i'll leave them to another post.

As always these opinions are my own,and this definitely is not something I recommend to be watched before the kiddies are in bed!