Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Are you turning Left or Wight?

That handle located by the steering wheel,

Yes the one that goes up and down.

You didn't realise it was there?

What a surprise, is that because you barely use it?

Why,oh why do people seem to "forget" to indicate when turning left or right,
Or even worse when they are not turning at all but leave them on! 

On the way to dropping the one year-old off to nursery this morning,I was waiting at a junction to turn left onto a main road. A car was coming down the hill with their left indicator on to turn left.
The woman had even positioned her car into the center of the road and had seen me waiting.

As I looked left and right to pull out she then decided to change route and carry on straight ahead nearly plummeting into my car...

...Then had the cheek to give me a filthy look!

If she had looked directly at me I would have shown her how a "proper"  filthy look is actually done!!

It is so frustrating,why can't people just use their indicators correctly.

One thing my driving instructor taught me,and will stay with me for the rest of my life,is to never trust people until your really sure.

It's probably the same everywhere but the Isle of Woght seems to have a multitude of sinful drivers. 

Forget boy racers it's Grannies-Gone-Wild,who seem to forget there is other people on the roads.

"An old lady says to her friend,I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my father,I don't want to be screaming in terror like his passengers" 

A giggle a day keeps the doctors away,and sanity at bay.

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