Sunday, 27 October 2013

Calm before the Storm.

In 1987 hurricane winds hit the little Isle Of Wight causing the kind of destruction that people hadn't seen before,and 26 years later we are due another one tomorrow morning.

13 people were killed and many more injured by falling trees and buildings. My partner can remember this and it was his house on a street of many that managed to survive the battering,and ended up being a makeshift hostel for other families.

The last storm wasn't predicted and the BBC in particular faced a lot of backlash,this time round we have had plenty of warning but is it enough?

Winds reached 98 mphs last time,and this time they are predicting winds  between 70-80 mph. There is a 24 hour website that will keep you up to date with the disruptions on public transport and most importantly ferry times for my partner who commutes for work.

Islanders regularly joke that if people on the island see a snowflake the whole place grinds to a halt and everybody rushes out to get the last loaf of bread. 

And with a name like St Jude how scared should we be?

17:14 - Its raining,it's pouring,daddy is boring - the Islands going to flood,we'll have to go out in the mud -all on a Monday morning! 

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