Thursday, 31 October 2013

Every Little Helps - Thank You Tesco!

On Sunday morning the hoover blew up,

To be specific the one year-old's dad thought it would be a good idea to hoover up dried sick....the result of too much milk and jumping around!

As fate would have it Tesco had emailed me a online coupon for £10 off a £50 spend,it couldn't have happened at a better time.

After a quick snoop around the hoovers at the big store on the island we found one we liked,so after tea that night we decided to go ahead and order it online.

We found one that looked like a complete bargain,it was down from £100 to £50,on special offer - definitely a bit of fate at work!

(The way I'm describing the hoover,you would think it was a love story rather than just getting a new piece of cleaning equipment- I think it must be a mummy thing!)

Now me and technology aren't the best,which is ironic considering I'm employed by Telecoms.

No matter how many times I tried to get the checkout page to accept the code it wouldn't.

Thirty minutes later and no better off,I threw in the towel and admitted defeat.

Its not until your in a situation where you have virtual money sat there and you can't get to it,that you realise why people get so frustrated with online shopping and reward points.

I don't believe in complaining for the sake of trying to get something for free,but when you have had a genuine problem I think the company needs to be told.

I probably wouldn't have got a hoover from Tesco if I wasn't sent a voucher,so when you have your heart set on buying something for less then you realise you have to pay more,you end up feeling like you've been ripped off rather than having got a bargain.

The next day I sent a email to Tesco stating what had happened at the checkout,within 24 hours I had a email response and voicemail stating they were crediting my account with £10 due to the error. Yipeeeeeeeee!

Thank you Tesco for providing excellent customer service through your thorough complaints procedure - not something you hear people say very often!

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