Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pampers Vs Supermarket Own Brand Nappies

When you have a baby the costs soon start to mount up. Bottles,formula,wipes....and the most expensive one,nappies.

As I've mentioned in previous posts,I like a bargain, so when I went into my local supermarket and saw they had a box of 164 "Cheeky Bots" Nappies on offer for £15 it instantly caught my attention.

As much as I like a bargain i know that some things in life are just better bought from a more expensive brand,so going against my better judgement I did some research and bought a box of "Cheeky Bots"  instead of our "Simply Dry" Pampers we usually buy.

All the research I had did had come back very positive,with many parents claiming they had completely switched from the likes of Pampers or Huggies to this brand.They claimed the nappies weren't as attractive as the more expensive brands,they are plain white with a small picture across the front ,but what they lacked in appearance they made up for in substance.

("Cheeky Bots" have a frog on them and Pampers have a lion/mouse on them)

In my opinion the "Cheeky Bots" nappies are fine if your child is only going to be wearing them for about two hours and they're not going to be drinking anything!

So I'm going to point out some pro's and con's of "Cheeky Bots" nappies:

Pro's of Cheeky Bots:

  1. They are considerably cheaper than a brand such as Pampers (When on offer at half price for £15)
  2. They are less bulky under clothing.

Con's of Cheeky Bots:

  1. They don't fit as well as other brands,the back of the nappies don't stretch as far up meaning if your child does a big poopie then your going to have an explosive mess on your hands,the sticky straps at the side of the nappy to hold it in place aren't stretchy so don't have much room to adjust,and the size of the nappy around the bottom area isn't as wide.
    (This is a picture of "Cheeky Bots" side strap (left) and Pampers side strap (right)
  2. They don't hold as much waste products as other brands,so every night they were used my child leaked into the pj's.
  3. The scratchy material tended to rub on the sides of the one-year olds legs.
  4. The one-year old needed to be changed more regularly,thus meaning more nappies were used during the day compared to other brands.

Another thing me and my partner noticed was brands like Pampers are on offer nearly every month in either Tesco or Boots,so in most cases Pampers cost the same amount as "Cheeky bots" or even less for the same amount of nappies!

So unfortunately "Cheeky Bots" only scored a 2/10 from me,1 point for the price and 1 point for the fact they are wearable.. even if they irritate.

Sometimes quality is better than quantity.

All opinions are my own!

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