Monday, 28 October 2013

Rain rain go away,come back another day!

Its raining,its pouring and the one year-old thinks it's very boring.

A rainy day is a mummy's chance to shine, military precise schedules and super human cleaning skills means the house can be kept in order...

Only joking!

The day started off by going to see Grandma,the Double Trouble Aunties and Nana. Spike-a-doodle-do the jack russel and Poppy the sausage dog are two little children in their own right. The dogs were riddiculously hyped up because of the amount of people at Nana's house,and insisted on trying to shuffle their way into the action.

Spike absolutely loves the one year old, DTA number 1 (Double Trouble Aunty) says that they are "brothers from another mother".

                    (DTA number 1)

For a dog that's never really been around Toddlera he's very gentle,very loving and at nearly 8 years old,that's nearly 56 dog years,he's still going strong even if he does hobble about. 

Trying to drink tea while chasing a one year-old,controlling the dogs,answering your nans questions about why your still not married and stopping the cat from licking the milky buttons off of the one year-old hands, it's a work out! 

After a couple of hours of siblings,animals and a ratbag running around its time for a nap at home...oh and the one year-old needs one too.

After all the exercise I got 40 minutes of peace and quiet,even if it does mean creeping around.

Next we attempted to make chocolate cupcakes, I say attempted because cooking was never my forte. I like to add a little bit of everything which means the cakes end up coming out like bricks or scrambled eggs.

But I am proud to announce we successfully made milk and white chocolate cupcakes!

The house is covered in toys and dirty hand marks,tomatoe meatballs and suede sofas don't mix! 

If you don't hear from me anytime soon,I'm trapped under the piles of washing up and toys....

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