Friday, 25 October 2013

Smart Trike a Smart Way To Travel.

My son was lucky enough to have a Smart Trike brought for him for his first birthday,and I think it's near the top my favourite presents list. 

The main selling feature of the trike is that it can be adapted to suit your child's needs as they grow,thus it's name "Smart". As you've seen from previous blogs I like a bargain,so a toy that's going to last longer than 3 months instantly ticks the durability box. 

The smart trike can be made into three main structures, the first structure ,from 10 months old ,you can have a bar around the child,a drop-down foot rest and the long handle at the back of the trike to control the steering.

The second structure is from 15 months you can remove the bar around the child seat,and just clip your child into the seat,allowing their feet to push the pedals.

The third and final structure is from 23 months, when you can remove the handle at the back of the trike and allow your child just to use it as a normal bike.

The trike also features a little cup holder and plastic basket on the back for a few toys.

I think the Smart Trike is a hit with the one year old,and a hit with me I'm giving it a 9/10. 

The Smart Trike product has many different types,colours,features and brands to suit every taste. They can be a bit pricey so my advice is to wait until they're on offer and save up those club card vouchers! 

(All opinions are my own 😃)

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