Monday, 21 October 2013

Space Island on a Little Island!

Space Island claims to be the biggest indoor soft play area on the Isle of Wight... And that is completely right!

It's held in what looks like a massive warehouse and has; it's own cafe,toilet/baby changing facilities,a glow in the dark disco room,two party rooms,generous sized seating areas AND most importantly a HUGE indoor soft play area.

The thing that really caught my attention and made this place different from the rest was that parents were allowed to go in and supervisor their kids.

The soft play area had two sections,a baby-toddler enclosed area and a big kids area.It was open enough that you could keep an eye on the older children,but was definitely at least a two man job. Luckily both of my sisters happily came with me and the little one,this helped as one person could always be supervising the coats and bags.

The baby-toddler area had a ball bit,small climbing stairs,ball blower and loads of toys. 

While the big kids area went all out with a mini football pitch,Tarzan style swings,giant yoga sized balls,ball blasters,general climbing bits & bobs and a GIANT slide that about 5 people can go down at once.

Don't get me wrong this place wasn't perfect,it had multiple leaks around the warehouse and everything so often I felt a splatter of cold water,but the soft play area inside made up all of this.

When we was there Space Island offered free face painting and stick on tattoos for all the children.I thought that was a really great offer,and made the kids feel really special. I think it's awful when you go to somewhere that offers extras like these but you have to pay.

The members of staff were so friendly and helpful,they were really welcoming.I'm really impressed with the standard of customer service.

I think what this place boils down to is value for money,up until 18 months of age your child has completely free entry but over 18 months its £6.45 a child,that allows you unlimited re-entry throughout the day.During term time they do a special offer of £3.55 a child.

Personally I think this is quite a lot of money ,if you go in the school holidays it's £6.45,which is the price of a loaf of bread,two pints of milk and some butter! 

So parents with children under 18 months get down there while it's still free 😊

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