Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Waste not,want not.

Whether it's a top,bottle of shampoo or a vase in this case,

My family share everything! 

And why let something go to waste?

When my mum didn't like a moisturiser she had bought to try,I happily had it,and when I had a top in the cupboard that I barely used I gave it to her.

Well today Nana was having a clear out and came across this lovely vase,so my kitchen got some new ornaments and the bank card got a rest.

My mums side of the family were on the poorer side of the working class families,so everyone made the most of what they had,luckily it's was a mostly female population.

I have 9 great-aunts,
They all had girls,
Who all had girls (apart form Uncle J)!

So this sense of waste not,want not had been passed down through the generations.

If you don't like it the chances are your little sister will 😃

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