Friday, 25 October 2013

You can cook,but can you cook the value way?

You never see a chef who cooks with supermarket own brand ingredients,
Because realistically that's what most family's can afford to buy and I count my family in that as well! 

What I would like to watch on a weekday evening is a friendly down to earth chef talking about simple,healthy meals made from some of the cheapest ingredients in a supermarket..... Not pasta you buy from little deli's that cost the earth, yes the statement is aimed at Nigellissima.

I think some chefs ideas of easy to cook compared to mothers idea of easy to cook is completely different.

I'm sat here reading a Tesco "Food Family Living" and so far I haven't come across one recipe that doesn't need a list as long as my arm of expensive ingredients.

Having come from a very,very low income single family my mum couldn't afford expensive ingredients when she was trying to feed four children.I've learnt to be careful with money and make use of all ingredients to hand. 

Supermarket own brand products are in my shopping trolley every week, a tin of spaghetti is a tin of spaghetti whether it's in a Tesco Value label or a Heinz label,the only difference is the price tag.

So TV Bosses I want to see more TV cookery programmes featuring chefs cooking with supermarket own brand ingredients- pretty please 😇

How many times do you think a family has watched a cooking programme like Nigellissima and gone and made that dish,not many.

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