Friday, 8 November 2013

A little late but....Happy Halloween!

It's been ridiculously busy with work,so please excuse the lateness.

Last week was the fright night,

The most frightening part of the evening was when the O.Y.O's dad nearly forgot to buy more milk and we ran out of tea bags (survival essentials). 

We both had work and the little one had nursery,

The other children dressed up and the one year old went in as a skeleton,we took in milky buttons for all of his nursery friends,they all looked so cute! 

I've got to say the nursery did a good job when it came to celebrating Halloween,especially for busy families like us. 

During the nursery day they made ginger bread bats covered in orange slime and black ants (icing & sprinkles), yummy! 

We tried to save some for daddy,but unfortunately two scary monsters came and gobbled it all up....this resulted in the baby monster jumping off the walls and ceiling on a sugar high....this family can't handle too much of the naughty stuff,aha.

Where bubs is only one  years old we didn't know what to do about trick or treating,it was late,dark and cold by the time we got home. We came up with a master plan of having our own little trick or treat game at home,a different sweetie hidden behind each door! 

What you can't see in the picture is all the miniature milkyway,milky buttons and scary babeybels at the bottom of the pumpkin. 

Obviously the one year-old wanted to stuff it all into his mouth at once,so mummy had to play bad cop and put some into the fridge,limiting him to only 2 treats.

We didn't do much this year I think that was down to us working and bubs being so little,but next year we would have moved to somewhere bigger (hopefully) and can have a little monster Halloween party :) 

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