Friday, 8 November 2013

Amazon World, Part 2.

The second time we went to A.W. I think it was the best.

As much as I love my family it is so much easier to go around the enclosures with only yourself and a toddler to worry about.

Well I say it's easier but the day did include the O.Y.O trying to eat bird poo pellets,him smearing it over his hands,then smearing it over me as I tried to wipe it off...not a fun experience!

I found the animals,especially the birds were a lot friendlier with us,they all kept coming up to the O.Y.O as if they knew he was just a gentle,innocent baby.

This time we went it wasn't raining so we got the chance to go outside more. The penguins were very inquisitive waddling up to us in search of food. I didn't think they would be too impressed with cheese string,much to the O.Y.O's dismay.

There was one casualty of the day, the red converse (which featured in an earlier post of mine) ended up drenched in dirty water from jumping in muddy puddles... Yes Peppa & George I am holding you two accountable ;) 

We also got to see the elusive armadillo this time,we had started to think he didn't actually live there and instead it was a stuffed toy.

The second time we went it definitely made the price tag seem a little more value for money,especially as this time we took our own little picnic.

I think the staff may have thought I was a bit nuts as half way through the trip I did run out to the car to get the pram,I was seconds away from pulling my hair out,sometimes I wish I was an octopus!

I would definitely recommend people visiting the Zoo on its quieter days,especially if your taking inquisitive little hands,there's no queues and it has a much calmer atmosphere.

"When the humans go away,the animals come out to play"

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