Sunday, 3 November 2013

Amazon World,Isle of Wight.

Dear readers,

Sorry for the delay in typing up another post,between work/life + mummy hood it's a struggle to squeeze in a blog. 

Last Friday was family day,

Grandma,cousin M,the double trouble aunties,nana,me and the one year-old decided to hop into two cars and head to Amazon World for the day.

I make it sound simple but the journey there was anything but,

Me,Grandma and the one year-old were in one car and the rest of them in another. I had never driven to Amazon World so that was a mission by itself.

The plan of action had been for Nana and the rest of the gang to follow my car to the big T as I had to nip in for some picnic bits,and then for me to follow them the rest of the way, but I had forgot to get petrol the day before and only noticed as we were leaving. So Nana's car went one way and our car another,10 minutes later we had petrol but no Nana.

Since I'm typing this post you have obviously grasped I made it Amazon World safe and sound,with no casualties along the way.It was nice to prove to Grandma how far I've come with my driving - as some people thought I would never pass!

Now A.W. isn't my favourite Zoo,its smaller than Sandown Zoo and concentrates more on the smaller critters and creature of the animal kingdom,but when it comes to choosing which Zoo is better for the one year-old I would say A.W. wins.

The main part of A.W. is enclosed,you get to walk around the inside of what I can only describe a massive tropical conservatory.The first part you walk through houses birds,a sloth family,two cute monkeys and the alligators.The birds are allowed to roam freely,every so often you see a flutter of colour or hear a cheerful chirp.

The second part of the building has a loan sloth which wanders around the top of the room near the ceiling,some more monkeys,birds and tortoises! The tortoises and some of the bigger birds are kept in an open stone enclosure in the center,you can get up close and personal with the residents here,they all seem so friendly and tame.

As move through the Zoo you can go to the carp pond with the waterfall and a gigantic open fish tank containing Piranhas and Oscar fish (Best named fish in the ocean! ;). The fish can be fed with pellets form the 50p machine,I think this part is lovely for children and adults because you are interacting with the animals,without a pricey fee.

Something that does let A.W. down compared to Sandown Zoo is there isn't as many talks with the keepers about the animals,and the one that I did see was a bit...well rubbish. The keepers at Sandown Zoo seem a lot more enthusiastic and knowledgeable when it comes to talking about the tenants there.

My favourite part of the zoo is the dark room which homes the bats and kinkajou's. You are in a room behind glass windows,while the bats fly around their enclosure and occasionally try to poop on the glass,and the cute kinkajou's climb around the vines looking at you with their huge alien eyes.

Since the one year-old can now walk,he insists on doing everything on his own,so down the pebbly paths he wobbled inspecting every piece of dirt or leaf on the track.I don't know whether its something all kids do,but the O.Y.O. (one year-old) seems to be obsessed with putting everything in his mouth! I mean everything!
It was a fight to stop bark/mud being picked up and eaten.

The outside of A.W. is where the bigger animals are kept and is now home to the meerkats (they previously lived inside the "desert" section of the building with the armadillos).On a sunny day its lovely because you can wander around and look at all the different species of monkeys,the penguin enclosure and even walk around the lemur enclosure (which is completely free!),but on the friday it decided to rain - so it was a quick dash around to say hi to the Flamingos and the Ocelot then rushing back into the building.

I think the O.Y.O has hit the terrible two's already,he didn't want to leave the outside part of the Zoo as he was having fun jumping in muddy puddles, and kept running off down staff entrances.

How many people does it take to watch a one year-old? Apparently at least 6! 

A.W. Is a bit pricey at £8.99 an adult,and £6.99 a child,although that does include free parking and re-entry within 7 day. 

For a whole day out with the kids it's a reasonable price to pay.When you think about the amount it costs to go the cinema or swimming it seems better value to go and see something like this which is educational and fun!

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