Friday, 8 November 2013

Feeding time at the Zoo.

At what age do you let your child eat messy food on their own?

When I say messy foods I mean something like Readybrek or vegetable soup.

(I'd like to point out this is chocolate Readybrek- and no I never originally agreed to feeding my child chocolate for breakfast...but then originally I didn't think a child's ability to wrap you around their little finger was so strong.)

The O.Y.O insists on eating every meal himself,that means lots of mess for me and more clothes to be washed.

My belief is,if you don't allow your child to try and feed themselves then how will they learn?

My partner however sees it more as an inconvenience,the time it takes cleaning up all the mess over and over again at every meal,he'd rather spoon feed the O.Y.O for the rest of his life... I wonder how that would look at his first day of university?

You read so many reports of infant eating disorders on the rise that I just want the O.Y.O to eat and enjoy his food,even if that does mean making a bit of mess!

I happened to read a local schools prospectus (Yes I know he's only one but I couldn't resist), under the section about what's expected for the children to wear or bring into school I noticed a paragraph dedicated to what food is not allowed to be consumed at the school. 

Cakes,chocolate,sweets,biscuits,crisps,fizzy drinks,nuts,seafood,any drink other than water or orange squash were off of the menu.

Now don't get me wrong I agree with the majority of the items above,especially nut products as I have family members who are severely allergic and it only takes one bit of nut shell to start a reaction,but to say absolutely no chocolate,cakes or biscuits otherwise they will be confiscated is a bit extreme. As I child I always had a bit of fruit and a little chocolate bar at break,and it never did me any harm.

I understand there's so many rules,regulations and policy's out there,and schools have a lot of pressure on them to promote healthy eating but I don't ever want the O.Y.O to become a fussy eater or become too focused on his weight.

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