Saturday, 9 November 2013

Merry,Merrie Gardens!

Last night we went out for a family dinner to Merrie Gardens in Lake.

It wasn't meant to be a family dinner,it was meant to be mummy and daddy time but due unforeseen circumstances (Nana changing her mind) the O.Y.O had to come with us. Luckily the restaurant was a big hit,especially with O.Y.O.

We had the choice of sitting wherever we wanted,this meant we got a nice big table in front of the under 5s play room.

The play room in my opinion was the perfect balance of being fun but safe,there was only one entrance in and low walls surrounding it so you could easily keep an eye on your children. 

The two play tables and one standing activity board were spotless,you go to some restaurants and find toys covered in last week's dinner or bits of dribble all over it,but you could tell these were wiped over and kept clean. I prefer a play area without lots of little toys as you don't know when they were last cleaned and what's living on them!

The restaurant is extremely child friendly which for me,as mother is a big selling point. There was a ample supply of nice,CLEAN high chairs available and the staff make a fuss of the children,making them feel special rather than an inconvenience.

(The decor in the restaurant brought out the child in us!) 

Now on to the most important part of the evening.....the food! 

Before going I had signed up to the online newsletter which means you get a free drink on your first visit,there was a great selection of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

I also tried their 1,2,3 offer,I went for option 2 which meant I got 2 courses for £8. The restaurants selling point is the Rotisserie chicken with chips and gravy. I'm not a massive fan of chicken as it can be quite dry,but this chicken was succulent and had a smoky flavour. It fell to pieces when you pulled it apart! 

Ok my only moan has to be the gravy,everything else was tip'top apart from what tasted like cheap gravy,it was too watery and tasted too peppery. Please,please get rid of it!

My partner got the beef burger and chips,it tasted delicious. The outside of the burger was slightly crispy and it wasn't fatty at all,the worst type of burger is the one where the fat has drenched the bun and it's all soggy.

The restaurant also has free wifi which comes in handy as neither O2 or Vodafone has signal in Lake.

The standard of customer service was what really made this place stand out from the rest,here is the email I sent to the managers,it sums up what I thought of the waitresses and Waiter who worked there:

"Dear Michael and Sharon Cockram,

Tonight me,my partner and our one year old son had dinner at your establishment.

Instantly when we walked through the doors we were served by an enthusiastic and polite waiter from behind the bar. He was helpful and attentive,he gave us plenty of time to choose our meal after serving our drinks,and was happy to sort out our code which gave us free drinks.

Next we had a girl called Millie serve us our food,she made sure we had everything we needed and came back to check we were enjoying our meals.

Finally a lovely boy brought me the yummy chocolate pud desert,and got the bill.

Each member of your staff went above and beyond what was needed,and genuinely wanted to make sure we had a great time!

Your staff are a credit to your restaurant,and we will be returning soon.

Thank you very much Liam,Millie and Chris,you were all fantastic! "

Well done Merrie Gardens,keep up the good work!

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